Bionic Owls

We are the survivors who weathered the storm. In a time of great turmoil, we could no longer stand by, watching, not blinking. We had to unite to protect our families, our nests, and our world. But we survived. Who’s with us?

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We were watchers. Then we had to fight to protect the world. Now we're survivors. Who's with us?


Welcome to the Bionic Owls Marketplace. Here you can search and buy assets with $BOWLS to incorporate them into the game.


Earn Interest while you Play and stake the $BOWL Governance Token

Game Description

On a cold, inhospitable planet called the “Night Planet,” robot space crews made the most significant discovery in human history: a highly sophisticated and intelligent extraterrestrial species called the “Night Owls.” A select number of Night Owls were given robotic augmentations to help them travel between the Night Planet and Earth. After the destruction of Earth, these “Bionic Owls” returned to the Night Planet, but they didn’t return peacefully. They were there to conquer.
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Bionic Owls ($BOWL) token is used for the basic actions in the game: governance (DAO), staking, buying, and selling assets, game reward, buyback, and burning system.The $BOWL holders will be able to participate in key governance votes, such as the development roadmap, selection of individual features for the development, economic balance.


Q3 2022

Conceptualization Concept & Research

  • Starting writing GDD + Art


  • Smart Contract Development


  • Website Launch
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Strategic Partnerships


  • Social Media Launch
  • Gameplay Trailer
Q4 2022


  • Audit Contract


  • Seed Round
  • KYC procedures of the team members


  • Community Building
Q1 2023

Game Release

  • Alpha game release (PvE)
  • Staking


  • New Strategic Partnerships
  • Private Round

Marketing & Community

  • Paid User Acquisition
  • Community Events
  • AMA Sessions
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Airdrop


  • CEX Listing

Public Sale

  • IDO Launch
  • NFT Marketplace Launch
Q2 2023

Game Release

  • Public game release
  • PvP Mode Public Testing


  • Improving gameplay and bug fixes
  • PvP Mode Development


  • Concept and Research
  • DLC for the game

our team

The Bionic Owls Team is committed to building the infrastructure for a thrilling Play-to-Earn game experience. Our team is made up of engineers, Data scientists, researchers, Marketing experts, designers, and entrepreneurs who share the same vision. Together, we’re working to bring the first fully accessible play-to-earn FPS/PVP Metaverse Game. Our team is distributed across the world. Join our community to make this vision a reality.


Bionic Owls is working with best-in-class worldwide partners who have aligned with the vision to deliver the first fully accessible FPS/PVP Metaverse game, poised to change the gaming and entertainment world forever.

latest news

The latest News from the Bionic Owls Worlds
Jul 23
Bionic Owls Story
At the beginning of the 22nd century, artificial intelligence technology had advanced to the point that it was finally possible for humankind to realize their dream of space exploration beyond the confines of our galaxy by utilizing space crafts... Read the comlpete Bionic Owls story here
June 28
A Fight for the Glory
As you all know this is Bionic Owls, a game based on the story of one major tribe split into two due to the callous and selfish desires of homo sapiens who in essence paid the price with their blood... Continue "A Fight for Glory" blog here
June 26
Spaceships are gradually becoming the standard for every adventure themed video game and they’re essentially spacecraft that carry people through space... Read on to explore the Galaxy with Bionic Owls Spaceship