Bionic Owls

An NFT-Enabled, Play to Impact, Play to Earn game, designed to bring inclusivity to the Web3 space. Our (3600) pc—Limited Edition 3D avatar characters with actual usability in the game and metaverse to come.

Our vision of Bionic Owls is to be the first fully accessible FPS / PVP metaverse game

  • By putting gameplay first, community growth second and Web3 infused digital collections third, we will reward players regardless of their playstyle and teach them about the metaverse along the way.
  • By creating a deep-rooted gameplay experience through a web3 lens, we will extrapolate those intrinsic motivations of social influence, ownership, and accomplishments.
  • We want to deliver both new experience and gameplay opportunities to all players globally.

The Characters

The Bionics are a collection of 3,600 unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are made up of characters, depicting the in-game characters (RBO, NBO, AIs) created by a custom generative algorithm, then registered on the Ethereum blockchain.The Bionics collection also includes dozens, costumes, armours and colorways of the artist's palette.
Character 1
Character 2
Character 3

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Be a part of the first fully accessible Play to earn NFT game and know what to do within the Bionic Owls Ecosystem.

On a cold, inhospitable planet dubbed the Night Planet

Robot space crews made the most significant discovery in human history: a highly sophisticated and intelligent extraterrestrial species called the “Night Owls.” A select number of Night Owls were given robotic augmentations to help them travel between the Night Planet and Earth. After the destruction of Earth, these “Bionic Owls” returned to the Night Planet, but they didn’t return peacefully. They were there to conquer.
Good quality
Good quality
Good quality


As long as you own an original Bionics PFP, you unlock next game level ability/utility, gain access to airdrops, events, merch, alpha, exclusive Discord channels. Claim your Bionics PFP at any time, they will be available until all 3,600 Bionics PFP have been claimed.


Q3 2022
  • Official Website Launch
  • Official Whitepaper Release
  • Strategic Partnership Building
  • Early Investor Pitch Deck
  • Social Media Channels Launch
  • Vision: Gameplay Trailer
  • Whitelist Building
Q4 2022
  • 3D Avatar NFT Collection Created
  • Donation to Community and Social Efforts
  • Continue Community Building Efforts
  • Collaborate with similar vision projects
Q1 2023
  • New Strategic Partnerships
  • Early NFT Buyers = Early Access
  • MINTING - Presale & General Mint
  • Metaverse Creation for the Future of Bionic Owls
  • Real-world Utility delivered to our members
Q2 2023
  • Alpha game release (PvE)
  • Marketplace Launch
  • Metaverse Land Plots Available
  • Design for new lands & worlds in our ecosystem
Q3 2023
  • PvP Mode Public Testing
  • Improving gameplay via the community
  • Integration into the Metaverse & Beyond
Q4 2023
  • Public game release
  • Improving Game play
  • Strategic partnerships with guilds
Q1 2024
  • Game Tournaments
  • Expansion of Redeemable Gameplay
  • Real-world Utility & Rewards continue for our community

our team

The Bionic Owls Team is committed to building the infrastructure for a thrilling Play-to-Earn game experience. Our team is made up of engineers, Data scientists, researchers, Marketing experts, designers, and entrepreneurs who share the same vision. Together, we’re working to bring the first fully accessible play-to-earn FPS/PVP Metaverse Game. Our team is distributed across the world. Join our community to make this vision a reality.


Bionic Owls is working with best-in-class worldwide partners who have aligned with the vision to deliver the first fully accessible FPS/PVP Metaverse game, poised to change the gaming and entertainment world forever.

latest news

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Aug 16
Story of the Night Owls — The Combat
WAR, WAR, protect the night planet. All these cries raised to the sky. The beautiful night sky is trembling with terror. With the Rogue Bionic Owls on the loose to conquer the night planet. It is time to fight the terror and to protect their lives and the night planet... Read more
Jul 23
Bionic Owls Story
At the beginning of the 22nd century, artificial intelligence technology had advanced to the point that it was finally possible for humankind to realize their dream of space exploration beyond the confines of our galaxy by utilizing space crafts... Read the complete Bionic Owls story here